131 people from 13 countries and territories participated in virtualUKNOF August 2021 on Tuesday, 3 August 2021. 38 participants were attending their first UKNOF event.

Six speakers gave five talks on a variety of Internet operations topics including mobile phone coverage on the Tube, the fastest residential Internet access, the first 15 minutes of incident management, IPv6 adoption at UK IXs, and a day in the life of a .uk registration.

Pints and Packets used SpatialChat, again, with people doing some personal networking and catching up with each other.

Recordings of the talks from virtualUKNOF August 2021 have been published, so you can review the details of talks you enjoyed or catch up on a talk you missed. The one exception to this is Jim Mozley’s talk about .uk registrations. At Nominet’s request the talk and slides will not be available in the meeting archives.


The opening talk came from Garry Radcliffe of Transport for London and Andrew Conway from BAI Communications. They told us how they are building the network that will deliver mobile phone coverage on the London Underground.

Pascal Gloor then told us how Init7 Ltd accidentally delivered the world’s fastest residential Internet access, with symmetric 25Gb/s service to their Swiss customers.

After tea, HEAnet’s Brian Nisbet spoke about the importance of good communication during the first 15 minutes of any incident. He was followed by Hurricane Electric’s Susan Forney, who shared measurements on how exchanges are growing in Europe and the UK with participating networks increasingly accessible over IPv6.

Finally, Jim Mozley spoke about how Nominet manages .uk domain registrations. At Nominet’s request the talk and slides will not be available in the meeting archives.

Thanks to Sponsors, Patrons, and Partners!

We are grateful to LONAP for sponsoring this virtualUKNOF. We are also grateful to our 2021 corporate patrons: Flexoptix, IPv4 Market Group and RIPE NCC as PREMIUM patrons, with Internet Systems Consortium and Secrutiny as PROMOTER patrons. We’d also like to thank our partners Bogons and Portfast, and Friends of UKNOF.

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UKNOF48 is being planned as a hybrid in-person and Internet event for November. The Call for Presentations will open soon. We’ll announce it when we publish the recordings from this event.< If you are interested in sharing your expertise to guide UKNOF in the future, please consider joining our Program Committee and the newly formed Communications Committee. Either contact one of the existing committee members or send an e-mail to chairs@uknof.org.uk.

Who is UKNOF for in 2024?

Who is UKNOF for in 2024? UKNOF is on pause while the community brainstorms its future. This is a start to a discussion about who UKNOF needs to serve in the future.

UKNOF / UKIF winding down

Firstly the Programme Committee and Communications Committee and UKIF board would like to thank everyone involved for their help in getting UKNOF to where it is now, and special thanks go to Nico Cartron, Anne Johnson and Tim Chown who have been Programme Committee...

UKNOF Annual Meeting Report

UKNOF 2023 Annual Report For the past decade or more, UKNOF has been run on the basis of UKIF Ltd providing the legal entity, operations, and financial basis for running UKNOF's activities. This has been combined with a lightweight governance approach, using volunteer...

UKNOF Annual Meeting

The UKNOF annual meeting will be held this year on the 1st February at 16.00GMT. It is likely to be an on-line only event, accessible via Zoom. If anyone has a suitable venue to host the meeting please do get in touch. The meeting wiIt will include committee reports,...

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