It’s less than a month until UKNOF48 in Manchester Central and we’re about to open registration.

We are really looking forward to the first in-person meeting since UKNOF45 in London, in January 2020. However, a great deal has changed since then, especially regarding the venue regulations.

One of the key things is that the venue needs two weeks’ notice of attendee numbers for various logistics on their side, including arranging catering for those who want it. People who register late will be able to attend but the venue will not be able to provide food.

If you want to meet industry colleagues in Manchester, please register as soon as possible, so we can deliver the best possible experience for you.

  • Registration will be free until Sunday, 7 November
  • Registration will cost ₤50 from Monday, 8 November
  • No registration is required to watch the free live stream

People who cannot join us in Manchester will still be able to participate live. UKNOF48 will be streamed live by our partner, Bogons, and there won’t be a charge for watching this stream. We’ll also be publishing recordings of all talks on our YouTube channel after the event.

When you watch the stream, you can ask questions via Mattermost, so sign up at if you have not done so already.

UKNOF49 Event Report

About 90 people met in Manchester at UKNOF49 on Tuesday, 12 April 2022. 21 people participated online and engaged with industry colleagues using our Mattermost server. This was another hybrid event. Most speakers presented in Manchester with some joining over the Internet. Seven speakers presented on a variety of Internet operations topics.

How Do We Fund UKNOF?

How Do We Fund UKNOF?

When you buy a ticket to attend a UKNOF event you’re making a contribution to our costs. This article explains our costs, risks, and sources of income. It also describes a new subscription package we are developing.

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