The world has changed since UKNOF45 in January 2020. This time we’re back in Manchester Central, but while the venue is the same great venue we’ve used before, some things are different and this is a summary of what is new and what is not.

We had a few questions about what has changed and why, so here is a summary and explanation.


You only need to register if you want to join us in-person in Manchester. Our partner, Bogons, will be streaming the event live and you neither need to register nor pay to watch the stream.

If you are joining us in Manchester you’ll need to register. We want you to register as early as possible because the venue needs to know participant numbers two weeks beforehand. We are not charging for registrations made by Sunday, 7 November. Registrations made from Monday, 8 November will be charged a ₤50 (plus VAT and Eventbrite fees) late registration fee.


While the pandemic is still upon us, and the safety of our community is paramount, we have asked the venue to provide boxed lunches and these need to be ordered ahead of time and are charged as an added extra for those who want them.

While there is a charge for a boxed lunch, hot drinks will be provided during the whole session and any breaks without charge.

On Thursday evening, we will hold the Pints n’ Packets social, and this will be a “cash” bar. We are doing this so that those who wish to mingle and network can do, as we are aware this is an important factor in in-person meetings.

COVID-19 Protocol

As we previously communicated, you’ll need to show proof of vaccination via the NHS app or an international equivalent. People who cannot demonstrate proof of vaccination will be turned away.

The venue is well ventilated with air drawn from outdoors and has demonstrated that it meets both CIBSE and HSE requirements.

We strongly encourage everyone attending to take a free Lateral Flow Test before they arrive, and stay away if they test positive for COVID-19. Similarly, we encourage people to wear a mask during formal meeting sessions, and to comply with any other venue safety measures.


The agenda is new at each meeting. The Programme Committee is finalising an exciting spread of talks across both days. Some speakers will be in Manchester and some will be joining over the Internet.

Who is UKNOF for in 2024?

Who is UKNOF for in 2024? UKNOF is on pause while the community brainstorms its future. This is a start to a discussion about who UKNOF needs to serve in the future.

UKNOF / UKIF winding down

Firstly the Programme Committee and Communications Committee and UKIF board would like to thank everyone involved for their help in getting UKNOF to where it is now, and special thanks go to Nico Cartron, Anne Johnson and Tim Chown who have been Programme Committee...

UKNOF Annual Meeting Report

UKNOF 2023 Annual Report For the past decade or more, UKNOF has been run on the basis of UKIF Ltd providing the legal entity, operations, and financial basis for running UKNOF's activities. This has been combined with a lightweight governance approach, using volunteer...

UKNOF Annual Meeting

The UKNOF annual meeting will be held this year on the 1st February at 16.00GMT. It is likely to be an on-line only event, accessible via Zoom. If anyone has a suitable venue to host the meeting please do get in touch. The meeting wiIt will include committee reports,...

Speaker Information

Guidelines for Speakers at UKNOF Events

Respect Policy

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