James Bensley, who chairs the UKNOF Programme Committee, is looking for new members. He recently posted a call for volunteers to the UKNOF list, which we’ve reproduced here. If you’re interested in volunteering for the Programme Committee, please write to chairs@uknof.org.uk or contact any member of the Programme Committee directly.

Hello all,

For anyone who was not present at UKNOF49 in Manchester recently, we thanked several volunteers who had stepped down from the Programme Committee and announced that we are looking to fill the vacancies recently created. We are now actively seeking new PC volunteers.


Anyone can join the UKNOF PC. If you can spare a few hours a month and are passionate about the UK networking community, you are probably a benefit to UKNOF.


The UKNOF PC are responsible for the content of UKNOF events. This encompasses everything from soliciting for talks, to reviewing abstracts, providing editorial feedback on draft presentations, compiling the agenda, incorporating survey feedback, suggesting new sources of content, and whatever else you want to do add.

The average commitment per PC member is about 3 hours per month. In the lead up to an event a few extra hours may be needed for last minute actions. We understand that PC members are volunteers and have demanding lives of their own and we don’t expect them to always be available.


We are looking for volunteers to start immediately. These are “indefinite” volunteering positions. But we are in the process of introducing a maximum term for the chair and co-chair roles of the various UKNOF committees. This may be extended to PC members in the future.


UKNOF events take place approximately 3 times per year. There is no expectation that every PC member will be at all events. We need some members to help in person on the day of a UKNOF event. So we need volunteers who are willing and able to attend some of the events.


The UK has a fantastic networking community, which UKNOF is a part of. Volunteering for UKNOF is a way to contribute to UKNOF itself, to contribute to the UK community, learn a few new skills, and get a chance to expand your professional network.


Please send an email to pc at uknof.org.uk and write a few words about how you think you could help, or any ideas you have, or changes you’d like to make. If we send you some follow-up questions this is for us to understand better how you would fit into the team. It will not be a competition. We do not require any personal information about you. There are many types of diversity so we want to ensure that we choose a range of candidates, who will provide a mixture of professional backgrounds, industry opinions, alternative ideas, and not develop a fossilising monoculture.

The candidates will be presented to the PC and we will review them all. Then a shortlist will be made and presented to the board for final approval.

Further info

I am the current PC chair. You can email me if you have questions about any aspect of UKNOF, not just volunteering for the PC. We also have current and former PC members with whom I can connect you, if you want to hear their experiences from being on the PC.

OK, I’ve said enough, I’m here to help, over to you…

Kind regards,
James Bensley.