Firstly the Programme Committee and Communications Committee and UKIF board would like to thank everyone involved for their help in getting UKNOF to where it is now, and special thanks go to Nico Cartron, Anne Johnson and Tim Chown who have been Programme Committee members and recently resigned.

The existing Programme Committee will form the new UKNOG/netUK Programme Committee.


Dave Wilson has written: –

I am writing to you on behalf of the UKNOF Programme Committee, as you have previously presented or expressed an interest in presenting at UKNOF events.

Firstly I would like to thank you for your support. The most valuable element of UKNOF has always been it’s content, the presentations and talks we have received have been the greatest contributor to our goal of the “Distribution of Clue”, and we could never have achieved all we have without the support of our speakers, all of whom are volunteers.

That said, the time of UKNOF in it’s current form has come to an end, as we are no longer able to put on events as we have previously. Instead a new group has formed, based around large scale corporate sponsorship from the likes of LONAP and LINX, which will allow a successor organisation to UKNOF to go forward and ensure that the sense of community and and the free sharing of knowledge and skills which UKNOF engendered will continue to be championed in the UK network operations community.

They are planning an event for 8/9th July, and although details are still somewhat scarce at this early stage, they have asked us for help in sourcing content, to ensure their first event is a success. It would be inappropriate for us to just pass our mailing list on to them without the consent of all involved, so instead I am emailing you personally to make you aware of the situation, and to invite you to consider supporting their new venture if you wish to do so. Whilst we are not directly involved in UKNOF/netUK, it is in all our interests for the UK networking community to thrive, and so we wanted to make sure you were well informed and had the opportunity to be included if you wish.

Thank you again for helping make UKNOF one of my favourite things about our community, and I hope to see you at its replacement.