Why should you attend?

We believe that by connecting everyone through UKNOF we can create a national support network which is available to guide and inform members on useful information and key contacts.

Our events provide the space for open, friendly discussions, genuine support and expert knowledge sharing.

We also want to give you choices and the freedom to travel and meet. UKNOF ensures that our events move around the UK so that you can meet IP networking experts from all over the country, travel to different networking hotspots and attend your local UKNOF meeting.

Why should your boss let you attend?

Why should your boss let you attend?

Our UKNOF events will help you to :
  • Improve technical coordination
  • Gain key insights
  • Learn about latest industry developments
  • Find a safe space to voice any industry concerns
  • Be part of an engaged community
  • Better connect with the industry

We also have a wide range of experts from across the UK who are more than willing to provide advice and mentorship to any new and returning attendees.

If you want to find out more, have a look at our charter, our previous UK events or get in contact with UKNOF.